Why Stay In A Hotel Near Central WorldTo Enjoy Shopping?

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Bangkok provides is visitors from around the world a vast selection of hotel choices with room rates that everyone can afford. Of course, you will want to be accommodated in a hotel near Central World or a budget hotel that takes you close to shopping centres of the city. You will also find other types of accommodation that is perfect for your pockets so you can enjoy a wonderful vacation here.

Affordable hotels in Bangkok are everywhere in the city; however, you need to find some areas where you plan to have a sightseeing, shopping and dining itinerary. One choice to make is a hotel near Central World where you can have access to the BTS Skytrain or MRT underground train system. If you were to travel the city using tuk-tuks or taxis, you’ll be stuck in traffic for hours, which will consume most of your time. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of something that can get you enjoying your holidays.

If you were to choose a budget hotel near Central World, you’ll probably be spending around 850 baht or US$25 to 1700 baht or US$50. There are few hostel type accommodations that give you rooms good for four persons or other boutique hotels that provide you with modern stylish private rooms. These hotels are probably closeby the BTS Skytrain, which should take you easily around town.

There are also budget hotels near Bangkok’s red light districts. Perhaps you will need to spend 1200 baht or US$35 per night. You can simply take a short walk to the Nana Entertainment Plaza, a 3-storey building stacked with go-go bars, or if you want you can also head straight to the Soi Cowboy where you can see more of the red light district.

If you love shopping, then a hotel near Central World is a great place for you to accommodate. You’ll probably be spending around 1000 baht or US$30 and you’re just near a shopping haven to buy souvenirs to take home or things that you need. You can then spend your money on apparels and electronics that you like. There’s also the BTS Skytrain to take you to other shopping centres within the city.

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