What Are EMT Connectors – Get To Know Their Applications And Installation

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Electrical conduits are used to protect and provide the path for electrical wiring. There are several conduits installed by electricians for commercial and residential set-ups. EMT is one of the most commonly used electrical conduits.

Electrical metallic tubing is best known by its industrial term EMT. They are also called as thin-wall. They are commonly used as a replacement of galvanised rigid conduit (GRC) and even less expensive and lighter than GRC. EMT is a non-threaded tubing, however, used majorly with threaded connectors that clamp to it. An EMT connector is mostly used in commercial and industrial buildings and less preferred in residential projects.

How EMTConnectors Looks Like

An EMT connector is usually 10’ long. 20’ are also available. They are available in trade sizes 1/3 through 4. The outer surface is galvanised for corrosion protection and the inside has an organic coating for corrosion protection. EMT is installed by compression-type couplings and connectors. Manufacturers nowadays provide EMT in various colours for easy identification of multiple circuit systems.

Uses of EMT

When selecting a wiring method, durability is one of the key criteria usually considered. Depending upon the installation, it’s resistance to corrosive products can also be considered. It is obvious that all materials will eventually corrode, as corrosion is a natural process. However, the manufactures can control that through design and material innovations. An EMT connector is made of steel mostly, sometimes aluminium is also used. They are usually cheaper and lighter than other connectors. It is extensively used in residential and commercial buildings because they are extremely flexible; can be bent to a specific radius and is thinner than other electrical connectors. They nowadays come with exterior corrosion-resistant surface and hence becoming popular in residential constructions.

In Summary

Protecting electrical wiring is a must. EMT connectors are becoming a hot favourite due to their efficiency. With different types of connectors available, it is very beneficial to understand the differences and uses of each. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a licensed electrician, it can be useful to understand various uses that EMT connectors can bring.

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