How To Travel Vietnam By Train

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The trains going around the country of Vietnam is operated by Vietnam Railways which is the national train carrier. The railway system of the Vietnamese might be a little old but it is still one of the most dependable modes of transport. It is also a relaxing way to travel from one place to another all over the country. Travelling on a train means you get to have a bed in an air conditioned room which is not possible with an overnight bus wherein you will have to cramp yourself from sleeping in a chair. Aside from that, you will get the chance to enjoy more of the scenery Vietnam has to offer.

Train and ticket classes

There are two classifications when it comes to trains in Vietnam – the first is referred to as SE which means train carriages are smarter and faster while TN refers to train carriages that are older and a little bit on the slower side.

With train tickets, there are four types of class available – soft sleeper, hard sleeper, soft seat and hard seat. These classes are further divided into air conditioned and non-air conditioned ones. Currently, with express trains, the only option is air conditioned ones. There are a few SE trains that offer a Wi-fi connection on board but just like the train system in Vietnam, it can be quite slow. For the hard seat class, expect it to be crowded thus it is better to choose this option for a day travel. The downside with this class is the cigarette smoke you will have to endure.

Option for private carriages

If you want to travel in luxury and as comfortable as possible, there are train services that offer private carriages which are located at the back of trains. These are classier options when travelling to and from Hanoi and Lao Cai but it can also be a bit pricy compared to the regular classes. Many train company offers this option and you just have to choose the right one that is best suited for your preference and budget.

It is important to keep in mind when travelling by train in Vietnam to book tickets ahead of time or to make reservations before the travel date.

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