Tips To Ensure Your Drains Are Clog-Free

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One of the best methods to ensure that your drains will function properly without slowing or clogging is to watch what you flush down in there. According to research, top four of the causes of drain clogs are cooking grease, soap scum, hair and coffee grounds. You must ensure that you will try to prevent flushing these four down the drain as much as possible. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • If you have coffee cans or other containers such as milk cartons, pour the cooking grease in there after cooking and then throw them out in the trash properly.
  • After using your coffee grounds, dispose them on the garbage properly or if you have a mulch pile then you can add it on.
  • For the opening of the drain, it is recommended to use a screen or a drain gate which will help reduce the amount of hair as well as soap scum that enters into the drain pipes. You can check out your local plumbing store and see what will fit your current fixture. If you are not sure then take a picture and ask someone in the store to help you find what will suit your needs. There are easy to install filters and screens that you can just laid and then it is ready for use.

It is important to clean your drains regularly to keep them running free and with no odor. Here are some techniques you can try when cleaning:

  • Pour hot water into the sink once you are done using them. The hot water will make sure the oil runs down into the drain and not get stuck on the pipes’ surface. Oil build up can make the drain sluggish and will eventually cause clogs.
  • Take a handful of baking soda, pour into the drain and follow with a dose of hot water. One of the best cleaning agents you can find in your kitchen is the baking soda. It helps keep the drain from developing bad odor and maintain its cleanliness at the same time.

If you have serious drain problems then contact Pro-Jett for professional help.

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