The Yearly Trend On Web Designs

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Every year, web designers are excited what is in store for them. They look forward to embracing new trends, challenges and changes. As a web designer, you need to be updated with all of the latest trends in order to be relevant and you should anticipate what is next for that trend. This is really what makes web designing so fun and rewarding. Here are some trends that have been growing in popularity.

More white spaces

If you notice, more and more websites are going for the super clean look. People now love minimalism and a clean look is what is trending. People use this approach to anything like business cards, logos and even in websites. This trend is here to stay. A negative space is a very artistic guideline that warns designers that every inch of the canvas does not necessarily have to be filled with stuffs. The negative space when designing websites is great since people are now transitioning to an era where they want less fluff. Most of the time, when internet users visit a website, they already have in mind what they are looking for. Do not think about you will design in order to create space. Create as you typically do and see what you can remove.

Peach and salmon

Perhaps the most popular color for web designers when making a website is the color blue. From recreational to corporate websites, a shade of blue will usually get you a great looking website. However, the color blue trend has long gone and what is in this year is the pinky, fleshy, salmon color. This particular color goes well with almost every other color and that it is neutral. It is at the same time very calming without being too predictable and boring.

Bigger is better

If you are a web designer you should keep in mind that you are designing not just for computer monitors but for mobile phones as well as tablets also. Websites have to be visible in the palm of your hands. There are plenty of designers that have met this task by improving the size of images and texts like the website Perth Web Design.

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