How To Store And Care For Sweaters

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It will only be a few months before winter. While preparing for the sweater weather and rummaging through the closet, you may find a lot of bulky knits with little space for those other clothes you have in there.

The best solution is always to decrease your sweaters down to your favorites and the best materials. The next step is to take really great care for these sweaters.

The frequency of washing sweaters

For more delicate pieces like silk, cotton and cashmere, these should be washed after 2 – 3 wears. For those wool and man-made blends like polyester or acrylic, these can be washed after 5 wears. You should follow the clothing care instructions on the garment’s labels.

Hand/machine washing vs. dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is best for wool or wool blends. Cotton can also be dry cleaned but not like the need for wool. Machine washing can damage wool fabrics. Hand or machine washing is also suitable for most cotton or cotton blends.

To care for cashmere sweaters

Most of the time, cashmere sweaters need to be hand washed since they need special treatment.

The right way to drying sweaters

Water should be squeezed gently from sweaters. After, it should be laid flat on a towel. You should roll it up to really suck up excess water.

Hanging sweaters while preventing shoulder bumps and them stretching out

The sweater should be folded in half. Then, the hanger hook should be placed in the armpit with the waist and sleeves folded over the hanger.

To shrink those stretched out sweaters

First, the sweater needs to be wet. Then, you should put it inside the dryer on high heat until it’s very dry. A completely soaked sweater leads to more shrinking while misting it only shrinks it less.

To shrink up the stretched cuffs

To tighten the sweater’s cuffs, dip them in hot water and blot them slightly. Next, lay the wet cuffs in a towel while blowing dry on hot air using a hair dryer.


Whether these sweaters are bought from a retail store like H&M or online such as the, they will need care no matter what their materials are in order for them to last years with constant use.

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