Steps On How To Make Print On Canvas

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We are in an age where taking pictures is done as easy as 1, 2, 3 that sometimes we forget the true value of these photos. These are memories we can look back on and with the help of these photos, we will be able to reminisce. If you want to make these photos more memorable, you can turn them into canvas wall art and display them inside a room in your house. You don’t need a professional to make this for you if you don’t have the extra cash but you can do it instead.

You will need these materials to get going with your project:

  • Mod Podge. Make sure to choose the matter finish for the desired texture to be achieved.
  • Photo print. The photo size can be the same as the canvas.
  • Stretched canvas. You can find good deals at the thrift store or the dollar store.
  • Foam brushes.
  • Huck towel.

Start the project by trimming out the white edges of the photo print. You can skip this step if there is none. Ensure that the photo size is the same as the canvas by laying them together. Start by covering the whole surface of the canvas with the mod podge. Once done, carefully put the photo with the image side up on the canvas. Smooth it out using a towel or your hand to make sure no air bubbles are present. Make sure that every part of the photo is sticking to the canvas.

You will need a bit of patience as you leave it to dry. After a few minutes, paint the sides of the canvas with mod podge as well as the photo surface. Do not worry about the damaging the photo because it is totally fine afterwards. Make sure that the layer of the mod podge is opaque.

Use your huck towel by pressing on the mod podge and lifting. This is done to create a texture like the professional canvas wall art you see on the stores. Once you are done, leave it to dry and then it is ready to be displayed.

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