Staging The Bathroom For A Home Sale

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If you are in the market to sell your home, it is important to have your house attractive enough for your potential home buyers. For one, staging your bathroom for a home sale might be the reason for the successful sale or the disappointing rejection of your home in the marketplace. Home buyers will look through your bathrooms and check if there is one bathroom where they can have those long soaks in the bathtub or basically where they can pamper and relax themselves.

When your bathroom is already clutter-free, cleaned out and all the essential repairs are already done, you are now ready for the this step – the home staging. What is important is cleanliness, texture, colors, lighting and bathroom accessories. You can find some bathroom decorating ideas below in staging for a successful home sale.

Add a new shower curtain preferably white or any neutral color. You can also select one that has geometric patterns for a modern flair. You need to leave the curtain about two-thirds open for a visual depth to the bathroom. If you need to have your bathroom look bigger, install a clear glass door instead of using a shower curtain.

You need to make sure to match hardware with the metal finishes you have in the bathroom. It is also helpful to replace the dated cabinets or hardware. The metal finishes like towel bars, toilet paper holders, shower fixtures, tub, faucets and so on should match.

It is preferable to have a closed vanity sink for storage. It is preferable to have two framed mirrors rather than the builder grade mirrors. During your winter viewings, it is best to stage in dark and rich colors. During summer and spring viewings, use lighter colors.

You need to maximize your bathroom’s square footage by keeping the bathroom floors clear and even removing garbage cans for viewings. Let fresh air in by cracking your bathroom window open. You can create enticing bathroom vignettes like putting seashells or soaps in bottles or jars. You can also lay out candles by the windowsill or bathtub.

For more helpful ways on how to stage your bathrooms, you can check Bathrooms & More Store for great pictures and ideas on their blog pages.

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