S Ratchada: A Leisure Hotel In Sukhumvit

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Everyone deserves his or her own leisure time whether you’re a CEO in a multi-billion company in Japan or a typical office worker in the United States. Leisure time is commonly known as your free time basically from everything including your work, your problems and sometimes yes, your own family. This time is also known as your “me time” and all you have to do is find something that will satisfy the needs and cravings of one person: you. There are many ways to enjoy your “me time” whether it’s by pigging out at a buffet restaurant or playing video games in your consoles. For some people, “me time” can be also considered as your vacation time. Let’s say you want to experience legitimate Thai culture. There’s no better way to do it than to visit Bangkok which is the city capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. And if you want to know the true meaning of leisure, it’s highly recommended that you stay at a leisure hotel in Sukhumvit, primarily, S Ratchada.

For starters, Sukhumvit is a busy part of Bangkok where most of Bangkok’s shopping malls and hotels, plus restaurants are located. Keep in mind that one of Asia’s best mass transit systems are located along Sukhumvit so you can just imagine how busy that area can get every single day. One leisure hotel in Sukhumvit which can soothe your needs for a totally relaxing experience is S Ratchada. To begin with, you don’t need to hassle yourself when going to the hotel from the airport because they offer transfer from the airport. If you need anything from room service at any time of the day, they can cater to your needs because their room is 24 hours operational.  This is one leisure hotel in Sukhumvit which you cannot afford to miss because they also have spa amenities for body and soul healing activities. If you want to keep in shape while on vacation, you can use their gym facilities or take a swim in their swimming pool. For hungry guests, they serve various international cuisines throughout the day in their in-house restaurant. If you want total leisure, S Ratchada is the hotel for you.


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