How To Replace Cracked Shower Glass Door

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Many homeowners wanted a bathroom that is elegant to look at and presents a modern theme, the best way to achieve this look is to install glass door for the shower or bath. The downside with using glass doors inside your bathroom is that it can crack or worse, break, because of the changing temperature that it is exposed to everyday which can’t be helped. This is the reason why majority of the shower glass available to be used on doors is made out of tempered glass. The advantage of tempered glass over regular glass is that when it breaks, it will be done cleanly and the resulting glass shards will have very minimal dangerous parts. Despite this, encountering a crack in your shower door or a broken glass could prove to be a lot of trouble. The upside with this is that replacing or repairing the glass shower door on your own is quite easy and the steps are very simple.

First, make sure to protect yourself by wearing the appropriate gloves and goggles for the job. Buy these items if you don’t have one at home. Do not, at any time, touch the cracked or broken glass door of your shower if you do not have the right gloves on you. Despite the fact that the glass of the shower door is tempered, prevention is still better than cure. Your gloves should be resistant to glass cuts and not just any gloves. Inspect your glass door and take a look if the part needs repair only, in some cases, it would be best to replace the entire pane.

If you have determined that the entire pane should be replaced then it is time to bring out your measuring tool and measure the exact measurement of the glass pane that will be replaced. It is important to measure exactly so that you will be able to buy the right replacement. It is common to see replacement panes for shower glass doors in your local home improvement shop. There are cases wherein the glass have to be custom made thus it will be quite some time before the replacement can be done.

When the replacement comes, remove the entire frame of the door and carefully take out all the screws that hold the glass. Then, slowly slide in the replacement glass plane and make sure to put the rubber around for security. Make sure to create a snug fit to prevent water leaks. Put back the door frame back into place. If you are not confident to do this, hire a shower screen repairs Melbourne company.

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