Marquee Hire In Sydney: The Disadvantages For Wedding

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Employing the use of marquee hire in Sydney for events has becoming a trend nowadays. You see, marquees are made to protect attendees in an event against getting exposed in the deadly rays of the sun especially if it’s summer time or, getting wet cold during winter. While using a marquee hire in Sydney or in any major city in the world, has its benefits, you can’t simply forget about how disadvantageous it can be especially if you use it for your wedding that will be held at the backyard of your home.

Let’s face it. Weddings that are held at backyards of houses are way cheaper than renting a space in an event place such as hotels or beach resorts. However, it’s considered a very big hassle not just to the couple but also to their respective families and guests. Aside from the set-up process of the backyard up to the cleaning up, it’s just messy especially for the newly-wed. They can’t just leave after the reception without making sure that the whole place is all cleaned up. In addition to this, employing a marquee hire in Sydney will eat up additional time from the couple who should be preparing for the biggest day of their love story. If you are still in the process of planning your wedding day and considering the use of marquee as a cover for your guests, below are some of the reasons why shouldn’t even think about it in the first place:

  • Marquees are made to cover a huge amount of guests in one place. This means that setting up a marquee in your own backyard will require an equally big amount of space. What if you have a small backyard in the first place? There will be no space for other essentials.
  • Drapes will be needed if you wat the marquee separated from other places of the backyard. Again, using drapes will need additional space.
  • Marquees are not made to be soundproof. So if you decide to hold your wedding at your backyard and you play loud music, the sound will be heard within the neighbourhood and that will irritate neighbours.

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