The Liveaboard Diving Advantages

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Liveaborad diving is the new talk of the town among divers and the ideal destination? Where else but in one of those Asian countries like Thailand, which is teeming with magnificent beach islands and crystal blue waters packed with exciting marine life. With so many diving spots in Thailand, Similan islands liveaboards is one of the most popular areas to do diving experiences at. And why would it not be? Liveaboard diving in Similan islands offers the following advantages.

Nature trip for free

Liveaboard diving means you get to stay in a houseboat or cruising sailboat for 1 day up to 9 days. Apart from multiple dives a day, one of the perks of doing liveaboard is you get to visit several spots along the area of Similan or wherever your target diving spot is. Since a stop-over in beaches is part of the package, you get to visit some of the tourist spots for free. Most of these spots would be costly to visit if do the trip separately.


Diving can be an expensive hobby with all the costly gears and gadgets that you need to equip yourself with. if you are thinking that staying on a houseboat for days would mean breaking the bank for you, well, think again because with Similan islands liveaboards, you can customize your trip according to your budget. You can choose the number of days and the type of accommodation suitable for you. There is Budget Class, Mid-range Class and of course, there is High-end Trips for those without budget issues. Nevertheless, regardless of the accommodation type, one thing is certain; you will have an enjoyable diving experience if diving is done the liveaboarding way.

Meet interesting people

A single liveaboarding trip can have several divers depending on the package. A trip has an average of 12-24 divers. This means that you have a better chance of meeting new and interesting people. This is a good venue for you to socialize and broaden your horizon especially if you are looking for a new interest in your life. Take note that Similan islands liveaboards trips also offer nightlife so go ahead and enjoy.


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