How To Write A Blog That Can Stimulate Curiosity

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Blogging about chartered accountant insurance is very challenging. Insurance is not a topic that can be considered exciting or interesting enough to gain traffic for a website. Most folks out there are not thrilled to read about insurance information because it means paying premiums for something that may not occur in the near future.

Create excitement by using an intriguing title for your blog post. A title can be short and unusual but it can stimulate the curiosity of a reader. The blog title is your marketing tool; make the most of it because it can create a difference. Make the reader curious enough to click on the link and entice him to read what you have written. If your title does not have the “wow factor “, it will simply be overlooked from the thousands of insurance blogs that can be found through a Google search.

After you have grabbed the attention through the title, make sure that content will provide value to the reader. You can write about the importance of chartered accountant insurance to provide protection to accountants and their clients in case there is a tax audit. Make the accountant aware about the assistance provided to avoid the substantial costs that may be incurred to comply with the different tax requirements.

However, never make the blog appear that you are selling insurance because it is very likely that accountants have already received countless proposals from other insurance companies. Imagine yourself talking to a person next to you in an elevator. You start a conversation hoping that you will get an opportunity to explain your business. Talk about experiences or the idiosyncrasies of some clients including the challenges of solving their problems. Influence the reader to continue on reading before you finally make that sales pitch towards the bottom of your post.

There is more than one good reason why chartered accountant insurance is very important for accountants and their clients. Tax audit activity has become very prevalent and substantial costs can be incurred if there is no insurance that will provide protection. Insurance can cover the professional fees while responding to the tax audit of a client.

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