How To Start Teaching English In Thailand

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Visitors in Thailand may find themselves enchanted with the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the local making them decide to stay longer. In order for them to stay for years, teaching English is one of the best way to make a living while staying in the country. The current top industry of Thailand is tourism thus it is more important that people learn how to speak the international language. For those planning to teach English in Thailand, here’s how to start.

  • One must be able to meet all the national requirements set by the country for TEFL teachers. In the case of Thailand, if you are a native speaker of the English language and you have a degree from any four-year course in the university and you are TEFL or TESOL certified then you can teach English. While majority of the schools are looking for someone with experience, it is not a must.
  • For someone who have never taught English abroad, it may sound weird but schools in Thailand prefer it if the English teacher does not have any knowledge of their local language. It is to make sure that the classroom environment will be speaking English purely since the teacher does not speak their local tongue.
  • For those who are just starting to hunt for English teaching jobs, there is no need to roam all over the country to look for one. There are hundreds of online job portals where one can apply. It is important to know that the school year in Thailand starts in the month of May and will commence in March. School breaks are scheduled during the months of October and April.
  • There is a difference when hired under a government or a private school. Government schools require you to teach on weekdays without spending too much overtime or during the weekend. Private schools may give higher salary but also requires you to work overtime and even on weekends.

To start teaching English in Thailand, you must have the legal work permits. If you applied through an organized program then the company will be the one to process your visa as well as work permit.

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