How To Pick Out A New Boiler Unit

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People who have recently bought a new car will know that the latest models are the ones equipped with the latest technology and features as well. What homeowners do not know is that the same thing applies to domestic heating systems where adapts new technology with the latest release in the market better than the previous ones. There are many benefits of boilers thus homeowners are compelled to buy a replacement when needed.

First, there are many types of boiler – combination boiler, system boiler and regular or conventional boiler. When it comes to ease of installation and affordability, the combination system is recommended. The downside is that it is only ideal for small families with a single bathroom. System boiler, on the other hand, is recommended for larger homes where the demand is higher too. The downside is that overusing could lead to a shortage of hot water. For the latest boiler system, there’s the conventional boiler. Cold water is instantaneously converted into hot water. The downside is that it is more expensive compared to the other two.

Heating controls are now more advanced than before because of the introduction of intelligent zoning. This means that the user can set the temperature as well as the time for each room of the house. Unused rooms can be spared from unnecessary heating. There are also boiler systems that can be integrated with a smartphone application.

For the size, it is a rule of thumb before to get one that is 30 per cent bigger than what you need but now it is deemed wasteful. The right size is now determined using a heat loss calculation which factors in the size of the house, the materials employed, the insulation and air tightness level and the requirement when it comes to hot water supply. The calculation can be done by a heating engineer or one can use free calculator online.

To enjoy the full benefits of boilers, you should choose one that is close to the right size you need, around 90 per cent accuracy. The manufacturer should offer at least five years of warranty.

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