How To Interview Prospective Wedding Photographers

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There are many wedding photographers in Australia and one of them is therefore it is hard to choose one from the hundreds of possibilities. Conducting an interview is one of the best ways to find the best match for your big day. Below is a list of questions you should ask in order to determine which wedding photographer you should choose.

  • Ask about the primary style used by the photographers for their wedding shoots. This will let you know if they are offering the style you need. This will also help you narrow down the number of candidates on your list. There are photographers that cater to a number of styles but it is recommended to choose one that specializes in what you want.
  • Ask about their experience. This will let you know the approximate number of weddings they have covered before and if they have offered their services to couples who have the same preference as yours. Do not ask about their number of years in the business rather ask about the number of weddings they have shot.
  • Ask if the number of times they have been hired as wedding photographers. This is intended for photographers that cover a wide range of events including birthdays, proms, parties and corporate events.
  • Ask if they have other booking on the week of your wedding. For larger companies, they accept multiple bookings and it is possible with the amount of resources and manpower they have. For smaller companies, multiple booking can be dangerous as it could affect their performance and your wedding day might be compromised.
  • Ask if they are going to provide a contract before hiring and if they are make sure to inquire if you can get your personal copy. A contract is important in case there is something wrong with the service or the photographer did not deliver as promised.
  • Ask if the company is covered with insurance. This is a must for professional wedding photographers because there are uncontrolled situations such as the theft of their equipment or if they meet an accident while tending to your special day.

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