How To Interview A Prospect Caterer For Your Wedding

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A wedding is a once in a lifetime event therefore every aspect of it should be perfect especially the food you serve because this is what will last long in the memory of the guests. If you are planning to choose a wedding caterer in Sydney, creating a list of companies you are considering is the first step. Narrow down the list by checking reviews online and checking if the company is able to handle weddings. Prioritize caterers that have handled weddings before as opposed to those who cater to general events. Once you have narrowed down your options, it is time to conduct an interview. Here are a number of interview questions you should ask.

  • Know who is meeting with you and what is his/her role in the company. It is a great indication on how your relationship with the catering company is going to be. Make sure to ask who the point person who will be working with you until the wedding day.
  • The wedding caterer might ask what you expectations are when it comes to the actual event but make sure to ask the caterer on how they plan to execute the event. The answer should let you know the number of staffs that are going to the event, the serving style and who will handle the cake cutting part.
  • Do not forget to ask about other services they might be offering. It is good to have everything in one place so if you are planning to have a bar for your wedding then it is best to go with a catering company that also offer licensed bar services.
  • Make sure to ask for any recommendations especially if they have been in the wedding industry for many years. They have a network of vendors you can tap if you are still looking such as florists and bakers.
  • Lastly, ask for a written estimate of the cost. This is important because your budget will determine if you can afford to hire the said wedding caterer in Sydney or if you have to go find another one that is compatible for you and your budget.
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