How To Enjoy Your Trip On A Bus From Chiang Mai To Bangkok?

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Being in Chiang Mai is a one-of-a-kind experience that you don’t find elsewhere in Thailand. There are so many tourist sights to visit and you’ll enjoy the amazing scenery of the city. However, you will need to ride a bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, if you head back to the Thailand’s capital. The trip may take you nine hours of long travel, but you definitely save a lot. You’ll also be able to see the real beauty of Thailand on your way to the metropolis.

In Chiang Mai, you’ll see nothing but the greenery of the city. You’ll be seeing the relaxing and soothing park that Chiang Mai is proud to boast. Everywhere you’ll see a wealth of green spaces within and outside the city.

Chiang Mai offers you a great place to relax with nature, especially if you head to the Nong Buak Haad public park. It’s conveniently situated in the southwest corner of the old town. Here, you’ll also see fellow tourists enjoying the park, as well as locals spending time with their families after work. It’s really a great place to relax and unwind.

Nong Buak Haad is a great place to evade the heat of the city, but if you want a real taste of nature, Doi Inthanon National Park is something to look forward to. It has a magnificent landscape along with the tallest mountain of Thailand standing about 8415 feet. Here’s you also see the spectacular and rarely visited waterfalls that unmatched any other sights in Southeast Asia.

To reach the national park, you can join some day tours, or if you want to be more adventurous, you can rent a car and make the easy trip yourself. You can easily tour the park and find the summit of the mountains following the path of the best caves, waterfalls and other natural features that make it a breathtaking destination.

These are just some of the tourist sights to see in Chiang Mai with its amazing scenery. Once you have satisfied your vacation in this impressive city, you will like to head back on a bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and begin to see what this bustling city can offer you.

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