How To Decide Between Marquee And Venue For A Wedding Party

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When a couple is planning their wedding, there are a number of elements that have to be taken into consideration such as the location, the date, budget, number of guests and theme among many others. One of the most important considerations is the venue because there are a number of options available nowadays. The couple could decide to hire marquee in Sydney for an outdoor party or they could book a venue for their wedding reception.

When it comes to venue, there is no shortage of options in Sydney with different styles such as old and grand homes, traditional event places and even venues with grandiose setting. The main advantage of booking a venue is that there is no limitation caused by weather changes. The guests will be able to sit and eat without having to worry about the rain or the heat. The main advantage is that it cannot be moved or changed but the party has to be planned around its setting.

With marquees, the planning is more flexible because you can place it anywhere outside and you could play with the design as there are no fixed structures that have to be considered. Innovation in materials and the construction of modern marquee makes it possible for wedding parties to be comfortable and stylish as if they are inside a building or a venue.You can invite as many guests you want and book the marquee size you need unlike in venues where there is a limitation as to the number of guests that can be accommodated.

If you don’t want to have to work too much with the setup and decoration, a venue would be suitable but if you are the type that wants every little detail to be in line with the theme then it is high time you hire marquee in Sydney to secure the booking before another couple book on the same wedding day. Booking should be done a few months from the actual wedding time to give the couple time to look for other companies if the one they want does not have what they need.

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