How To Choose And Purchase A Tonneau Cover

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Upon owning a pickup truck, you might find yourself faced with many decisions including the type of accessories. One of the first upgrades most owner purchase are tonneau covers which are also known as truck bed covers. This purchase can set you back hundreds or more than a thousand dollars depending on the style and type you want therefore you must know the things you have to take into consideration before purchasing.

  • What is the main reason that you are buying a tonneau cover for your truck? It could either be for versatility, function, easy installation and removal, security or it can add to the overall appeal of the vehicle.
  • Would you like a cover made of soft or hard materials? The difference between the two is that hard tonneau covers are more expensive but provides more security while soft ones are more affordable and versatile when used.
  • Are you going to open your truck bed every day or only a few times a month? Regardless of the material, tonneau covers can be hinging, folding or retracting. Majority of the covers offer access to tailgate while a number of covers make it possible to lock the tailgate along with the cover. If you need to open the entire bed, retracting covers are a good option because there is no need to take them off once installed.
  • If you are thinking about getting a hard cover, prepare between $500 and more than $2,000 while a soft cover will set you back between $150 and $550.
  • Who will install the tonneau cover to your truck? Installation can take between 30 minutes to two hours depending on the mechanical skills ofthe installer. It is important to delegate someone who knows what they are doing because mistakes could mean the cover will not function as expected.
  • Before going out to choose among tonneau covers, think about how often you will need to cover your truck or if the cover will serve as a permanent installation. For easy removal and installation, it is recommended to choose a soft cover with tri-fold feature.

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