Common Mistakes Bloggers Commit

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You want to create a blog. You are already equipped with sufficient information on how to create one. Before you proceed, consider what to avoid when blogging. It pays off to be cautious and correct oneself even before making that mistake.

I will list some of the mistakes most bloggers commit and provide you with ways to avoid these.

Mistake #1: Your blog is too complex.

We always want to show off our intellectual side. We love to make use of complicated words. When you write your blog, this is a pitfall to avoid. Simplicity is the key to a good and successful blog. Write as if you are talking to your readers. Your blog should be easily understood. That is the whole point of it, a blog should be fun. It would not be enjoyable to read something that is so hard to understand.

Mistake #2: Your blog is always about you.

Sometimes when we blog, we become self indulgent. It is not bad to talk about your experiences, hobbies and what you want in life. Writing personal experiences on your blog should only help your readers, guide them into doing something or inspire them. If it does not fall into any of these, think twice of blogging that experience.

Mistake #3: You write to achieve a certain number of word count.

When we blog, we are so conscious with that number at the bottom of the screen. I have written 450 words, what else should I write to get that 700 word count? Content is much more important than length. If you have successfully relayed your message to your readers in 450 words, that’s great, you can now stop.

Mistake #4: You do not have a strong conclusion.

Sometimes when you write, you have already poured out all necessary information in the body of your message. When you get to the end, you have nothing more to say. Wrap up your blog in a way that it will leave a strong message to your readers.

Mistake #5: You do not have a target audience.

When you write, think of the person that you are writing to. This way, your blog becomes more personal and intimate when online surfers read it.

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