How To Choose The Right Content Marketing Consultant

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Content marketing is an important tool that is going to increase a website’s traffic and its visibility in the search engines, as well as create a better reputation for a company or brand. In addition, a content marketing consultant can help achieve these points.

The benefits of a content marketing consultant

Here are some of the benefits from having a content marketing consultant.

  • Cost savings: Consultants are cheaper compared to big internet marketing agencies. Aside from this, they are less expensive compared to employing a full-time staff member who will take care of a company’s content marketing needs.
  • Niche experts: Oftentimes, the consultants work with those within their niche industries. They have the knowledge and the connection in specialties to work for a company or brand.
  • More accountability: The consultants have a contract obligation to perform and to submit the work in an efficient and timely matter.
  • Troubleshooting: If there are going to be content issues, these consultants have the right experiences to deal with the problems. They will be able to figure these out and fix them.

How to choose the right content marketing consultant

After realizing the need for a content marketing consultant, it is already time to research and to find the right one suited for a company or brand. A consultant’s services should include below.

  1. Branding and research: How a consultant is going to approach the branding and research should be first determined. The essential factors to starting a content marketing strategy are getting familiar with a brand, doing market research and reviewing the competitive research.
  2. Content delivery: The consultant must be asked how they are going to deliver the content, including the medium, format, length and overall goal of the content.
  3. SEO: Content marketing and SEO work hand in hand. It is almost impossible to move forward in SEO without that content marketing strategy. A consultant needs to use valuable keywords and optimize the content to their best ability.
  4. Social media: Sharing in social media, as well as in bookmarking and third party blogging sites, is another important content strategy, so it should be known how a consultant is going to approach this.
  5. Metrics and reporting: Lastly, the content marketing consultant must be asked how data and analytics are going to be shared and reported, including how progress is tracked, how data is going to be reported, and what software is going to be used. These are important for measure success.


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