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Reasons To Invest In Phuket Property Today

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There are several countries in Southeast Asia where you can purchase or invest in a property. However, to invest in Phuket property today is one of the wisest decisions that you can do especially if you have the budget for it. Investments should be done the soonest time possible so you can reap its profit immediately or resell it if the property deems losing or no longer meets your needs. Of all the areas in Southeast Asia, here are some of the reasons why you should put your money on Phuket.

High demand of properties

Phuket is a breathtaking island with crystal clear waters and rich marine life. It promotes various water activities or you can just relax and marvel at its beauty and take in fresh air from the sea. Because of its incredible natural beauty, properties were developed in the island and disposable lands were made available for development and investment. Because of this increased demand, you can be sure that if you invest in Phuket property today, your money will grow and will never be idle. You can invest in property development or purchase a land to have it leased. Talk to a property consultant for more information.

Affordable cost of living

Another reason why investing in a property in Phuket is a good venture, is due to the area’s low cost of living. According to Numbeo, an average meal per person in Phuket costs around $3 or less than $10 in a day. The price of gasoline is also low making its basic commodities easier on the pocket compared to developed countries in Asia such as Singapore. Because of its low cost of living, your money can go a long way. You can also build better properties with lesser budgetary requirement.

Perfect holiday getaway

Another reason why you can never go wrong if you invest in Phuket property today is due to the beauty of the island. If you have a property in the area, you can just pack your bag and stay in the island while winter lasts in your home country.

Interior Imagination: Tips For Interior Deco

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Decorating your home is important. How you go about decorating your home is effectively your way of stating, “This is my place. This home is me.”. So, if you ever feel like decorating your home to give it a nice, unique feel, it never hurts to be as creative as possible.

Of course, decorating a home, or an office space, or any personal space for that matter can be a bit troublesome and problematic, not to mention expensive. Designers are all well and good, but for those who feel like decorating on their own and personalizing their homes whilst trying to avoid the headaches and the steep bills, here are some tips for making sure you’re not standing in the middle of your space staring at a blank, lifeless wall.

• Match the aesthetic. By aesthetic, we mean the look and feel of the home. Using the furniture and the home’s motif as a point of reference, decide on what canvases you will get for your home. Taking into account what you have and what you’re going to have is important, as making sure that the canvas prints or whatever decor you have or you’re going to get. Colors should be complementary, not necessary similar. For example, green and purple aren’t the same, but they mesh well with each other on account of them being a common color combination in nature.

• Go for what works with you. Taking the above into account, if something special catches your eye whilst looking through canvas prints, it might not be a bad idea to go and use it for decor. If you feel like a family photo deserves to hang in the living room, why not? It never hurts to do a little post-processing to make a photo stand out or work with your design aesthetic.

• Function and fashion. Consider what the space will be for before deciding on decor. Colors can affect the atmosphere of a room, and possess psychological effects that can do wonders for a space. For example, yellow tones elicit a sense of calm, whilst darker tones of blue are cool and professional.

• Don’t be afraid to be unorthodox. Some people follow strict guidelines for their interior deco. Whilst this is nice and all, a little bit of that touch of oddness never hurt. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box with your decor. A purposely slanted image, a table with a canvas print as its face, anything that can work to set your decor apart. They also have the added benefit of being great conversation pieces.


How To Buy Condos For Sale

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A condominium is a modern-day response to the increasing demand for residential space in urban areas. Unlike standard homes in suburban areas, condominium units are found in sky-rise building co-owned by the rest of its residents. When you buy condos for sale Bangkok, you only own the unit you bought but the rest of its common spaces and facilities such as its swimming pool, parking area, recreation parks and fitness areas or gym are communally owned by the other tenants of the building. Because of this type of ownership, there are rules and building policies imposed in the building. Before buying a unit, check out the building policies and see if they are amenable to you.

If you are planning to buy a condo unit, search for one in your area or in areas close to where your office or school is located. Factor in traffic and travel time to ensure that living in the unit would be convenient for you and your family. You can look for suitable condos for sale Bangkok via the internet. If you have eyed a specific unit, contact its proprietor or developer and see how they can assist you with tours or open-house visits.

Upon visiting the condo unit, take special attention on its basic facilities such as its elevators. Are they functioning well with emergency equipment inside? You may also want to check if there are emergency exits and escape routes and if there are available safety equipment such as smoke detectors and fire alarms. Consider also the cleanliness and maintenance of common areas in the building.

If you are already satisfied with the condos for sale Bangkok that you checked, it is now time for you to take a look at the contract. Be extra cautious if you are buying a pre-construction condo unit. If you are not comfortable with such documents, ask a real estate lawyer or a representative to help you go over the contract. Check if you can refund your deposit and the expected time of completion including your recourse if the condo is not completed on time.


How To Successfully Sell Your Condo Unit

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If you are thinking on how to put your condo up for sale, whether you live in it or just bought it as an investment, then there are some things you should consider in order to make the listing successful and all this should be discussed with your local real estate agent.

  • When to sell you condo. In order to have a successful sale, ask your real estate agent regarding the best time of the year to do it. The location of the condo plays a vital role in determining the best time to list in the market. This is true whether you are trying to sell a condo unit or a house and lot. Conventional rules say that spring should be the most appropriate time but it is not applicable in every place. Your real estate agent will be able to advise you of the best time to sell your condo depending on the latest trend recorded especially if it is located in a resort destination such as in Pattaya.
  • Open house and de-cluttering. A condo that is well presented will be sold fast and can be priced higher. Even the smallest touch ups can be beneficial to the overall presentation. Buyers will be less likely to buy if they see any parts of the unit needing minor repairs because it could lead to something more. Before selling your home, make sure that it is neat and clean and free from all your daily clutters.
  • Show off features. One of the reasons why many are so attracted to condo living is the convenient lifestyle it presented. Many of the buyers are looking for a lifestyle that is free of hassle which is not possible if they purchase a single-family detached house. There are other features that make a condo attractive such as the amenities – covered parking, hot tub, concierge services, longue for the owners and a fitness center.
  • Target and bottom line price. You should discuss this with your real estate agent as well as do your own research regarding the current prices of the Pattaya condos for sale to have an idea. With this you can decide for the asking price and the lowest you will be able to accept.

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