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How To Guide For Cutting The Spike Of An Orchid

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There are many reasons why some people turn to professionals when it comes to orchid cut flowers and one of them is the lack of knowledge. For expert gardeners and those blessed with green thumb, this task is but a small feat. The most important thing to keep in mind is to follow the orchid care instructions which are essential once the orchid flower is done blooming and all of its flowers have already wilted down.

The only exception is that if you notice a brownish colour on the spike then it means that the orchid will no longer produce bud to bloom once more. As soon as the flowers have fallen, take out your cutting tool and make sure it is sterile. Use it to cut about an inch from the spike to the top. Neglecting to do this will result to the spike drying out which will eventually cause it to start rotting.

There are many good advantages to growing Phalaenopsisorchids which is the most well-known of all orchids. One of these is that the plant has the capacity to bloom many times over before the spike will turn brown. For those who are taking care of Phalaenopsis orchids, there are a number of options to choose from with regards to the spike. Once the spike is no longer blooming but appears to have a healthy-looking green colour, there is no special care needed to be done instead it is recommended to just leave the plant alone.

You can also choose to cut the spike but make sure to use the sterile blade and cut it from the first node right after the spot where the flower used to be. When this is done correctly, a new shoot will come out from the side where the node is cut. According to experts in orchid cut flowers most especially the Phalaenopsis, the flower should not be allowed to bloom at the same node because the plant might get exhausted and will result to damage either on the flowers or the leaves of the orchid plant.

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