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How To Get Your Life Coach Certification

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Years ago, life coaching is a profession not commonly known to the public but now it has became a mainstream. Many clients are now looking for a life coach that will help them tackle the challenges they are currently facing in whatever aspect of their lives. A trusted life coach will help you face the anxiousness you have after deciding a career change, he or she will help you balance your personal and work life or even simply motivate you to have more confidence in yourself.

If you are planning to be one of these life coaches that are helping clients make life changing decisions, you must be certified to practice to the profession. What is the first thing you have to do? Find a program that will help you get your life certification program. Here are the steps to get that certification:

  • Don’t forget to do your research. If you want to be an expert in life coaching, you must earn a certification much like getting a college degree. When you go to college, you have to spend money on your tuition. Enrolling in a program is the same as well so you much choose the best program for you. Do not pay for something unless you are sure that life coaching is for you. You can start by educating yourself. There are many books that tackles life coaching that will give you an idea on how to start with coaching.
  • Do a background check on the program before paying. There are many websites out there that are claiming to be legitimate programs but are not legal. It is your job to choose the legitimate ones with the help of the ICF or The International Coach Federation which aims to promote the profession all over the globe. They are the ones that set standards for life coaching schools to follow.
  • Lastly, to get your life coach certification, choose a program that is compatible with your lifestyle and your interests. There are those that offer online teaching while others prefer a personal interaction with the students.

3 Reasons To Buy Rose Gold Watches For Ladies

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There are different types of watches for you to choose from. There are luxury watches such as those that are made of platinum and expensive materials, there are also those with gems and precious stones while there are watches that are cheaper and more affordable. However, if budget is not an issue, why not invest on something expensive which can last a lifetime such as rose gold watches for ladies. If you are still looking for reasons why you should invest on gold watches, here are some of the reasons why.

Elegant appeal

No matter what type of jewelry you use gold with; it never runs out of style. Whether you choose gold for your ring bands, necklace or wrist watches, it will always have a luxurious appeal on it. If you add precious stones on the gold watch, all the more it will exude elegance that will always command attention and awe. Impressive rose gold watches for ladies are perfect for special occasions such as gala night, corporate events, dinners at posh hotels and other events that require for you to look formal and luxurious.

Higher social status                 

Whether you admit it or not, people will judge you by the way you look and the things you wear from the outside. Although character and intellect are more important, people will initially assess you on your looks before you are given the chance to open your mouth and impress them with your wit and intelligence. In order for you to be taken more seriously, look your best before other people and there is only one way to do it and that is by wearing respectable clothing with high quality accessories such as a gold wrist watch.

Sturdy and can last a lifetime

One important feature of rose gold watches for ladies is that they are durable and can last a lifetime. Gold is one of the strongest metals despite of its being soft. It can resist corrosion allowing it to last a lifetime given proper care and maintenance. Gold is also resistant to most acids.

How To Transfer Image To Canvas

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If you have tried mounting a photo on a canvas before, the supplies you will need is the same but the process is just more time consuming if you choose to transfer the image instead. These supplies can be bought at your local craft store or department stores. The materials you will need are the following:

  • The photo or image that you want to use. This must be printed with ink jet printer on a regular type of paper.
  • Ready to use canvas. The size must be the same as the photo or image you want to use.
  • Decoupage glue/gel medium
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Foam/paint brush/rollers

You will be transferring the image on the canvas so keep in mind that the resulting image will be reversed that of the one you printed. To see the reversed image beforehand, print it on reverse to make sure that your resulting image is correct.

Use your foam/paint brush to cover the surface of the canvas with a coat of gel medium. This must be done fast to avoid the medium from drying but make sure the entire surface is covered including the edges.

Now position the image on top of the canvas but the image side must be facing down. Line up the size of the paper with the canvas.

Press down the photo to make sure it sticks to the surface and existing air bubbles will be released.

Before you can continue with the next step, you have to wait for the panel to dry completely. It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours for best results.

Once completely dried, use your spray bottle with water and spray it on top of the canvas. Use a sponge to remove excess water. The same sponge can then be used to wipe the surface gently until the paper used for printing is slowly rubbed off. Don’t worry as the image will remain on the canvas.

Once done, you can coat the remaining image with gel medium to protect your canvas art print. It is now ready to be used anywhere in the house or office you desire.

Marquee Hire In Sydney: The Disadvantages For Wedding

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Employing the use of marquee hire in Sydney for events has becoming a trend nowadays. You see, marquees are made to protect attendees in an event against getting exposed in the deadly rays of the sun especially if it’s summer time or, getting wet cold during winter. While using a marquee hire in Sydney or in any major city in the world, has its benefits, you can’t simply forget about how disadvantageous it can be especially if you use it for your wedding that will be held at the backyard of your home.

Let’s face it. Weddings that are held at backyards of houses are way cheaper than renting a space in an event place such as hotels or beach resorts. However, it’s considered a very big hassle not just to the couple but also to their respective families and guests. Aside from the set-up process of the backyard up to the cleaning up, it’s just messy especially for the newly-wed. They can’t just leave after the reception without making sure that the whole place is all cleaned up. In addition to this, employing a marquee hire in Sydney will eat up additional time from the couple who should be preparing for the biggest day of their love story. If you are still in the process of planning your wedding day and considering the use of marquee as a cover for your guests, below are some of the reasons why shouldn’t even think about it in the first place:

  • Marquees are made to cover a huge amount of guests in one place. This means that setting up a marquee in your own backyard will require an equally big amount of space. What if you have a small backyard in the first place? There will be no space for other essentials.
  • Drapes will be needed if you wat the marquee separated from other places of the backyard. Again, using drapes will need additional space.
  • Marquees are not made to be soundproof. So if you decide to hold your wedding at your backyard and you play loud music, the sound will be heard within the neighbourhood and that will irritate neighbours.

S Ratchada: A Leisure Hotel In Sukhumvit

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Everyone deserves his or her own leisure time whether you’re a CEO in a multi-billion company in Japan or a typical office worker in the United States. Leisure time is commonly known as your free time basically from everything including your work, your problems and sometimes yes, your own family. This time is also known as your “me time” and all you have to do is find something that will satisfy the needs and cravings of one person: you. There are many ways to enjoy your “me time” whether it’s by pigging out at a buffet restaurant or playing video games in your consoles. For some people, “me time” can be also considered as your vacation time. Let’s say you want to experience legitimate Thai culture. There’s no better way to do it than to visit Bangkok which is the city capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. And if you want to know the true meaning of leisure, it’s highly recommended that you stay at a leisure hotel in Sukhumvit, primarily, S Ratchada.

For starters, Sukhumvit is a busy part of Bangkok where most of Bangkok’s shopping malls and hotels, plus restaurants are located. Keep in mind that one of Asia’s best mass transit systems are located along Sukhumvit so you can just imagine how busy that area can get every single day. One leisure hotel in Sukhumvit which can soothe your needs for a totally relaxing experience is S Ratchada. To begin with, you don’t need to hassle yourself when going to the hotel from the airport because they offer transfer from the airport. If you need anything from room service at any time of the day, they can cater to your needs because their room is 24 hours operational.  This is one leisure hotel in Sukhumvit which you cannot afford to miss because they also have spa amenities for body and soul healing activities. If you want to keep in shape while on vacation, you can use their gym facilities or take a swim in their swimming pool. For hungry guests, they serve various international cuisines throughout the day in their in-house restaurant. If you want total leisure, S Ratchada is the hotel for you.


Hotel In Bana Hills: What To Do?

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Everyone deserves to take a decent vacation now and then. Taking an escape from the problems in the big city proves to be beneficial for people because it allows them to relax their mind and soul so when they come back, they can do a better job at tackling the daily struggles of life. Another useful benefit of taking a much deserved break from working in the big city is that it enables your body to soothe up and heal tired and abused muscles. Now, there are vacation spots in the world which can offer the vacation break that you desperately needed. And when we talk about taking vacation, we must talk about hotels and resorts, too. Why? Where are you going to stay during your vacation, let’s say when you are in Vietnam? The good news is, there is a hotel in Bana Hills where you can stay in during your vacation in these unique resort in the city of Danang.

To begin with, Bana Hills is a big, big resort and it’s a composition of multiple buildings. You can do a lot of things while you stay in a hotel in Bana Hills. Below are some of the things you can do:

  • Ride the cable car which will take above the vicinity of the resort. You will also enjoy the view from above.
  • Dine in at Hoi An Restaurant which will offer you original Vietnamese culinary.
  • You can avail tour packages.
  • While you’re at the hotel in Bana Hills, you can take a dip in their swimming pool. For those who want to stay fit even during their vacation, there’s a gym.
  • There is a carnival within the resort. And if you’re a fan of different festivals, Bana Hills holds Wine Festival, B’estival beer festival aside from their annual Christmas and Halloween festivals.
  • Camping is also allowed within the vicinity of the resort.

Your stay at a hotel in Bana Hills will be a memorable ones thanks to the various activities you can participate in. Right now, there are two hotels in Bana Hills and both can offer you a relaxing stay.

Interior Imagination: Tips For Interior Deco

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Decorating your home is important. How you go about decorating your home is effectively your way of stating, “This is my place. This home is me.”. So, if you ever feel like decorating your home to give it a nice, unique feel, it never hurts to be as creative as possible.

Of course, decorating a home, or an office space, or any personal space for that matter can be a bit troublesome and problematic, not to mention expensive. Designers are all well and good, but for those who feel like decorating on their own and personalizing their homes whilst trying to avoid the headaches and the steep bills, here are some tips for making sure you’re not standing in the middle of your space staring at a blank, lifeless wall.

• Match the aesthetic. By aesthetic, we mean the look and feel of the home. Using the furniture and the home’s motif as a point of reference, decide on what canvases you will get for your home. Taking into account what you have and what you’re going to have is important, as making sure that the canvas prints or whatever decor you have or you’re going to get. Colors should be complementary, not necessary similar. For example, green and purple aren’t the same, but they mesh well with each other on account of them being a common color combination in nature.

• Go for what works with you. Taking the above into account, if something special catches your eye whilst looking through canvas prints, it might not be a bad idea to go and use it for decor. If you feel like a family photo deserves to hang in the living room, why not? It never hurts to do a little post-processing to make a photo stand out or work with your design aesthetic.

• Function and fashion. Consider what the space will be for before deciding on decor. Colors can affect the atmosphere of a room, and possess psychological effects that can do wonders for a space. For example, yellow tones elicit a sense of calm, whilst darker tones of blue are cool and professional.

• Don’t be afraid to be unorthodox. Some people follow strict guidelines for their interior deco. Whilst this is nice and all, a little bit of that touch of oddness never hurt. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box with your decor. A purposely slanted image, a table with a canvas print as its face, anything that can work to set your decor apart. They also have the added benefit of being great conversation pieces.


How To Have A Healthy Meal At A Japanese Restaurant

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If you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, then choosing a restaurant can be tricky but you can never go wrong with Japanese cuisine. There are a lot of choices when it comes to fresh vegetables as well as lean proteins and fried dishes are rarely seen. The trick is to choose the right set of foods in order to get a healthy meal. If you choose correctly, a Japanese restaurant is the best place to get a healthy meal.

  • First thing you have to do once you have settled down is to order a glass of water along with a steaming cup of green tea and edamame. You will feel very hungry as soon as you are settled down and the aroma of food reaches your nostrils while you are browsing through the menu.
  • Your first course should be a salad of some sort. There are many options to choose from such as a basic house salad, cucumber salad or seaweed salad. There are also combinations of salad with miso soup which is an ideal option if you want a low calorie meal.
  • As soon as you have your chopsticks, refuse the extras such as cocktails, desserts, sauce that are mayo-based, fried appetizers and Saki. These are the reason why your calorie consumption for a single meal is higher than usual. Eat all your food using only chopsticks which will help in slowing you down and will give your tummy the time to feel when it is already full. This will also help you avoid eating too much.
  • If you need a soy sauce, choose the one that has low sodium content. Pour little every time you need more. Use other options in flavouring your meal such as mustard dip, ginger or chili sauce. A meal with too much sodium can result to swelling as well as bloating because of water retention.
  • Your entrée should have as much vegetables as you want along with lean proteins. Bangkok Japanese restaurants usually have many options when it comes to fishes such as the fresh sushi.

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