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Why Stay In A Hotel Near Central WorldTo Enjoy Shopping?

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Bangkok provides is visitors from around the world a vast selection of hotel choices with room rates that everyone can afford. Of course, you will want to be accommodated in a hotel near Central World or a budget hotel that takes you close to shopping centres of the city. You will also find other types of accommodation that is perfect for your pockets so you can enjoy a wonderful vacation here.

Affordable hotels in Bangkok are everywhere in the city; however, you need to find some areas where you plan to have a sightseeing, shopping and dining itinerary. One choice to make is a hotel near Central World where you can have access to the BTS Skytrain or MRT underground train system. If you were to travel the city using tuk-tuks or taxis, you’ll be stuck in traffic for hours, which will consume most of your time. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of something that can get you enjoying your holidays.

If you were to choose a budget hotel near Central World, you’ll probably be spending around 850 baht or US$25 to 1700 baht or US$50. There are few hostel type accommodations that give you rooms good for four persons or other boutique hotels that provide you with modern stylish private rooms. These hotels are probably closeby the BTS Skytrain, which should take you easily around town.

There are also budget hotels near Bangkok’s red light districts. Perhaps you will need to spend 1200 baht or US$35 per night. You can simply take a short walk to the Nana Entertainment Plaza, a 3-storey building stacked with go-go bars, or if you want you can also head straight to the Soi Cowboy where you can see more of the red light district.

If you love shopping, then a hotel near Central World is a great place for you to accommodate. You’ll probably be spending around 1000 baht or US$30 and you’re just near a shopping haven to buy souvenirs to take home or things that you need. You can then spend your money on apparels and electronics that you like. There’s also the BTS Skytrain to take you to other shopping centres within the city.

How To Obtain Hotel Special Offers In Sukhumvit?

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Bangkok is a popular destination among tourists from around the world. So if you’re planning a holiday or business trip to Thailand’s capital, you need to make a hotel reservation in advance so you ensure a sure accommodation. You need to be specific with your choice as they may be offering hotel special offers in Sukhumvit, which will save you a lot for your accommodation.

The best option for your accommodation is to book in a luxury five-star hotel. It does not only bring hotel special offers in Sukhumvit, you are close to shopping, leisure and business hubs in Bangkok. You are also offered an accommodation experience that allows you to be comfortable and relaxed.

Depending on the size of your hotel room and what you can afford, you can be offered special deals by this hotel. The rooms are designed with the finest interior decors with a bit of technology so you can be comfortable in your stay. There can be Wi-Fi and phone connections, refrigerators, LCD televisions and more. Each room too is provided with air conditioners to keep you cool and comfortable during your stay.

To know how to get the hotel special offers in Sukhumvit, you need to search around for these offers. As there are many types of hotels in Bangkok, you can search for the best offer through online access. By typing in the right keywords, a list of luxury, boutique and budget hotels will be shown before you. You can check out their offers by reading positive reviews and feedbacks about the hotels. If these seems really confusing, you can always ask your travel agent for assistance. They can provide you the best options so you make the right choice.

Also check if the hotel provides accessible transportation. However, as you are in the Sukhumvit area, there’s no need for worries as the BTS and MRT stations are just a walking distance from your hotel. You can also ride tuk-tuks, taxis, buses and ferryboats to go to your desired destination. These hotels are also near the Suvarnabhumiairport so you can commute easily.

So ensure that you book in advance for a hotel in Bangkok. It will be easier for you to get hotel special offers in Sukhumvit so you save money on your trip to this vibrant city.

How To Get The Most Of Bangkok’s Nightlife

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Tourists go to Bangkok for various reasons. Some may want to experience the culture, some are there for the food while others are lured into the kingdom because of the nightlife acclaimed all over the globe. If the latter is your answer, you should check out Bangkok hotels near nightlife for your convenience. The best way to get the most of the nightlife in the city is to know where the hotspots are. Basically, there are three places in Bangkok with the best nightlife namely Sukhumvit, Khaosan and RCA.

If you are staying close to Sukhumvit, there are various hotspots in the area such as Nana which offers a wide variety of beer bars and go-go bars. This is also home to one of the major red light districts in the city which is the Nana Plaza located in Sukhumvit Soi 4. This has the highest rates of hookers in all of Bangkok. There are many international restaurants in the area and the best night clubs that Bangkok has to offer is near Sukhumvit Soi 11.

For tourists who want to avoid the crowd in Nana, Asoke which is located adjacent to Nana is a good place for beer, girls and restaurants. Next to it Phrom Phong but the place is mainly dominated by Japanese karaoke bars. After Phrom Phong is the well-known Hi-So district of Bangkok, Thong Lor. This is the go-to place if you want to see the pretty faces and experience the best wine and cocktails. Last but not the least in Sukhumvit nightlife is Ekkamai which comes after Thong Lor. This is slowly keeping up with the nightlife in neighboring areas but the clubs and bars in the area are higher in price range.

Khaosan is the go-to places of backpackers and the young travelers because of street dancing while sipping cheap beer from vendors or the nearest 7-Eleven. The party starts at sunset and never stops all throughout the year.

The biggest nightlife in the city is at the Royal City Avenue. This is where the locals mostly come to party but many Bangkok hotels near nightlife have been constructed thus tourists are also starting to flock the area.


Blogging Tips For Hotels

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Blogs are a great way to reach potential customers, spread knowledge about your company, and advertise that hotel near Myanmar Plaza you’ve got running. Of course, like any tool, a blog needs to be used right in order to really get the most out of it.

Running a hotel blog isn’t just about posting some generic travel advice or stories, or some cookie cutter post about how the tourism in your area is good, so knowing what to do in order to avoid wasting time and effort is important. Here are some tips.

  • Quality is king.
    • Some go about with the blogs by constantly pumping out content at a consistent pace. This is all well and good, and actually required for most blogs, but if it comes at the expense of quality, then there’s a problem. Quality is what ultimately sets a blog apart, especially taking into account the fact that a hotel isn’t a media entity and its blog operates a little differently. If you want to stand out, your blog needs to talk about something original, or talk about something that’s been talked about before but in an original way.
  • Be reasonable with SEO.
    • SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is very useful for generating traffic. As a result, doing things that improve SEO, such as inserting the name of the location, city or region before activities, tend to be used fairly commonly. However, practices such as these, which are about as subtle as a neon advertising sign, is a no-no, because repeatedly seeing a blog about hotel near Myanmar Plaza incessantly reiterate the fact that it’s near Myanmar Plaza is less enticing, and more vexing than anything else.. SEO is useful, but it’s best used in natural, subtle way that adds flavour to the post, kind of like seasoning. Too much is bad.
    • Some of the best blogs in the world work really well because they have a clear focus, a scope with which the founded their operations around. A focus doesn’t have to be very narrow, just something that’s clear and interesting, like local culture or art.

How To Determine A Family Hotel In Bangkok

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People go to places for different reasons. There are those who take trips for business while there are those who just want to take a break along with their family or loved ones. If you are taking your family with you to Thailand, it would be best to opt for a family hotel in Bangkok where you and your family members can enjoy various amenities for people of all ages. Here are some things to consider to ensure that will book in a family-friendly hotel.

Check the room accommodations

Hotels come in different types. There are those that are designed for couples while there are those that can accommodate small families. If you have a baby with you, find out if the hotel can provide a crib, bumper or a baby bed. If you have two or more kids, you might consider getting a family room to get more space for everybody. There are hotels that offer free accommodation to children below 12 years old and free cots for babies below two years old. Read the resort’s policy on child guests.

Child-friendly facilities

Another indication that you are looking at a family hotel in Bangkok is when they have facilities that support child guests. For instance, there are hotels that have mini pools for children along with children’s playground. For your child’s safety, find out if the swimming pool has a lifesaving facilities such as floaters and a stand-by pool guard. You might also want to check if the hotel offers cartoon or kid-friendly channels. For older kids, find out if the hotel have game rooms, pool tables and related recreation areas.

Special hotel services for children

You can find a family hotel in Bangkok that offers services that are specially designed for children. There are those that offer kiddie clubs, tennis and swimming lessons for kids and storytelling. If you have a baby with you, find out if the hotel has babysitting services. This way, you can enjoy your holiday and engage in various activities without the worries. Find out if the hotel prepares kiddie meals or snacks for children.

A Look At Some Of The Best Thailand Blogs

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Thailand is a booming tourist destination right now, and, with tourists, come Instagram pics, Facebook statuses and blog posts. It’s now common to find a blog post talking about a hotel near Lumpini park or something of the like.

But there’s something to consider. Something known to the internet as Sturgeon’s Law or Sturgeon’s Revelation, which roughly goes something like this: “Ninety percent of everything is cr*p”. Some blogs don’t really give out new content, or doesn’t have that special spark that sets it apart from the others.

So what do the special snowflakes have that makes them, well, special? Why are they the best?

Here’s a look, maybe you can pick up some ideas from them.

  • Richard Barrow: general, travel, photography, etc.
    • Richard Barrow has done so much blogging about Thailand, with his flagship site, and at least 3 additional blog sites, that it’s safe to say he’s the big daddy of Thailand blogging. His flagship covers the general subject range, whilst his other sites tend to be more specific. What makes Barrow’s blog is it’s utterly straightforward approach. No fluff, just info and photos on his travels; short, sweet and straight to the point with useful info.
  • 8 Miles from Home: travel videos
    • 8 Miles from Home addresses a problem some people might have when travelling through Thailand: How to do it with your dog in tow. The blog site brings in audience with high quality videos with cinematic design and effects, clearly a step-up from most vloggers.
  • Ajarn: teaching
    • If you’re thinking there’s enough blogs about people’s stay in a hotel near Lumpini park, but not enough about teaching, there’s Ajarn. Primarily a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) site, it’s also full of blog posts about living surveys, and how-to guides, combining its teaching-centric design with blogging.
  • Tieland to Thailand: expatriate living
    • First impressions last, and with a catchy, clever name like ‘Tieland to Thailand’, this site’s a winner. Calling this one a blog is kind of underselling it, as it’s akin to Wikipedia for expats hoping to live in Thailand: a giant resource filled with info to help them. Much like Richard Barrow’s blog posts, the articles here are delivered as straightforwardly as possible.
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