Blogging For Your Business: What’s True And What Isn’t

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Blogging these days are now a common endeavour not only for individuals but also for corporations and businesses. For the latter, it’s a quick and easy way to communicate with customers and reach potential customers, which is now considered a staple of marketing, with businesses from all fields across the world, from furniture removals in Sydney to financial advisors in New York, taking advantage of it.

But there’s still some doubts about the practice, with some businesses questioning its value. Here’s some of the truths and untruths of blogging to help clear the air a bit.

False: Blogging isn’t easy.

  • Blogging isn’t easy in the sense that it’s effortlessly, but compared to the other marketing methods for businesses across the world, it’s a pinch. If you handle furniture removals in Sydney, what would you do to market without a blog? Going door-to-door, or making marketing calls to potential customers are some of your options, and we all know how that

True: Not everyone reads blogs.

  • It’s true, not everyone reads blogs. Accept that. But here’s the thing, pretty much everyone on the internet uses a search engine like Google to find info and answer their questions. If your blog has the info they need, the search engine will point them to it, and that’s how your brand gets marketed by your blog.

False: Blogging is not a viable business model.

  • Oh, come now. Between Buzzfeed, Mashable, Kotaku, Gizmodo and whatever, there’s millions of dollars being made off of blogging in this day and age. Even if it’s not your primary source of income, it can still be a side venture or a way for you to drive traffic to your site and your company.

True: They won’t come just because we have a blog.

  • Waiting for your customers to find your blog is a waste of time. What marketing strategy just passively waits for customers to find a brand? Ok, maybe there are some, but are they good? Marketing is about finding your customers and bringing your brand into them; actively promote your brand and your content in order to grow your blog and you’ll get customers.
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