Beauty Advice From Heather Dubrow

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Heather Dubrow, the star of the Real Wives of Orange County shares some of her beauty tips and secrets.

Eye product versus lip gloss

When asked if she prefers to hoard eye products or lip gloss, Heather answers that she wants a little of everything. She hinted how the colors black, brown, red and pink are her essentials when it comes to makeup.

Regular makeup versus on-cam makeup

When quizzed between her regular and on-cam makeup, the Real Housewives of Orange County star reveals that there is great resemblance with how she carry the two. Moisturizers and sunscreens are every day routines while fake eyelashes are more on-cam.

Before and after real housewives

Heather was asked how different she was after the first season of the show and she confided that she has changed after filming the first season. She used to prefer smoky eyes but after seeing her eyes on TV, she think it was too dark and the actress lighten up and experimented with other looks.

Regular makeup

When asked about her regular preference for makeup, the star revealed how she prefers plain mascara with lip gloss. The lip gloss is to make sure her lips is always moisturized and the mascara is to give her a less intimidating look. Other must haves are sunscreen and light foundation for protection.

Favorite powder or foundation

Heather shares how she likes to mix products and brands but her preference for Make Up For Ever Invisible High Definition Powder is evident. The powder gives the skin a non-shiny look and gives the skin tone an even look.

Most favorite makeup brand

She loves Chanel for colors while she prefers Chantecaille for foundation and other skincare items. A tip from Heather: use brush when applying your compact powder. A retractable brush is portable and you can fit inside your purse.

Hair routine every morning

Heather reveals that she likes to put her hair into a ponytail and, if need be, only the top layer will be flat ironed. For hair products, she likes the hairspray by L’Oreal Elnett.

Favorite drug-store item

Wet N Wild lip liner in #666 and it looks good with any lip gloss.

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