Basic Tips On How To Start With Food Blogging

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Blogging is one of the ways for an individual to share his thoughts, experiences and opinions. Bloggers write about different topics that are close to their heart like food. Readers can never get enough of food blogs because it interesting, relevant and informative. If you are interested on starting your first food blog, read the following tips:

  • Choose a name for your blog. It has to be descriptive, memorable, brief and easy to spell. Make sure that the name will match your cooking style, lifestyle, background and goals. You can also break the general rule and come up with a random name.
  • Choose a blog platform and a web host. If your goal is to simply share content without the need for servers and customization, you can opt for free web hosting. You can upgrade to shared or dedicated hosting once your blog generates a high volume of traffic.
  • Choose a theme and design for your blog. There are free themes online but they do not allow customization. For a small fee, you can opt for themes that can be personalized for SEO.
  • Once your blogs gain a high volume of traffic, you have to analyze your blog stats to know where traffic is coming from and your reader’s preferences. Google analytics is a tool that will provide the necessary information.
  • Use high quality photographs to gain the attention of readers. Learn the art of food photography to showcase your recipes. Of course, you will need to invest on a quality camera to achieve better photographs.
  • Connect with your target audience through social media. Join online food communities that will share your recipes.
  • Read other resources on food blogging where experts share various tips. You will need the input of experts because your blog with be competing with thousands of food blogs published online.

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