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Tips When Blogging About After life

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How do you blog about things that are related to afterlife like funeral urns and cremation jewellery? Will people make the effort to read a blog about a topic that deals with afterlife? Death, funerals and afterlife are topics that people find uncomfortable to talk about even in today’s generation where people have become more open with their thinking. However, there will always be ways to attract the attention of readers to a topic that is not considered very popular.

How to blog about topics related to afterlife

  • When a loved one dies, families have to make difficult decisions regarding funeral arrangements, memorial services and funeral urns if the choice is cremation. Many make bad decisions because they know nothing about funeral services. Your blog should educate people so that they will be informed on the right choices.
  • Readers need something that they are familiar with. Instead of blogging about burials and cremation, write an interesting story about funeral urns and cremation jewellery. Share with your readers what you know and from there put your own spin to make it more interesting.
  • Once you have chosen a topic, start to add new layers to the blog. Use a plot with characters to make the blog more believable. For example, you can blog about a person who chosen to keep the ashes of the loved one in a funeral urn that is engraved with designs so that visitors will not recognize it as a container for ashes.
  • Each of the characters in your blog must have a goal or motivation. What motivates an individual to keep the ashes of a loved one inside the home? Does an individual feel comfortable wearing cremation jewellery knowing that is made from the ashes of the loved one? Make the blog unique but ensure that does not become morbid.

There is an extensive range of funeral urns in Perth in different materials, sizes and designs. There are medium and small urns made in different coloursand shapes of marble stone. There are also handcrafted wooden urns and keepsake urns that do not look like the traditional urns you are familiar with.

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