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Tips For Marketing Your Ski Resort

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Drawing customers is a skill that any good business needs to master, as it makes the difference between staying and going bust. For a ski resort, it needs to generate that air of fun, excitement and relaxation to help draw in its customers. Even a ski resort’s website, such as beactive.life needs to project the image of the resort to its customers. So, when you want to market your resort, what do you do?

Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Schedule events for the holidays
    • Holiday seasons are when people are at their most festive, so taking advantage of that is a big plus for your marketing department. But making the changes necessary for such a maneuver isn’t something that can be done willy-nilly. Plan ahead of time. Christmas is for the family trips, and Christmas gift giving, whilst February is for romance and couples. Once your event is set up, advertise it like mad. Update it on social media, post on your resort’s website, email your regulars, whatever. Spread the word.
  • Get personal.
    • By this we mean, provide a personalized promotion for your customers. Engage with them more by tailoring a marketing campaign suited for each customer. Think about what they need. Using a survey is a good way to get important info for your customers’ unique needs. Take note of what people prefer, and utilize that in your marketing campaign.
  • Online contests.
    • Those social media links to your website’s online contests can be a very powerful marketing tool. Ski photo or video contests for season passes, slogan contests, etc. Have a way for your site and social media to automate updates about your contests, generating traffic for it all. Any good ski resort site, like beactive.life, needs to be constantly updated.
  • Limited Offers.
    • Limited time offers present a sense of limit and exclusivity. Ergo, people are more interested in them, after all, there’s only a limit to how many can get it. This instills into them a sense of urgency. For example, beactive.life, has a limited time offer. It’s the first thing you can see when you visit the site. Ding, ding, limited offer, come get it!!

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