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How To Create A Viral Blog That Will Gain Millions Of Shares

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Every blogger whether the amateurs or professionals wish to write a blog that will turn viral online. After all a viral blog will instantly turn a blogger into an online celebrity. How can you make it happen? Remember that the secret to blogging success is to keep on writing until your blog finally gets recognized.

  • Seth Adam Smith’s blog received more than 1.8 million shares on Facebook and was featured on various online sites. Instead of simply blogging about engagement, weddings and marriage, Smith published “Marriage Isn’t for You” and became popular. Why did the post evoke overwhelming curiosity? The title provoked different reactions and the curiosity demanded satisfaction.
  • The psychology of social media sharing is pretty straightforward. A social media user will only share content that makes him look good. Making a provocative headline for your blog can demand curiosity but the take-away message must resonate with people. When people share the post, it means they believe in your message.
  • One of the viral post that was published online is Gina Trapani’s “How to Crack Wi-Fi Network’s WEP Password with BackTrack.” The post gained 4.8 million shares and went viral. People tend to be curious when something is dubious and they feel cool sharing this controversial tip even if they have no plans of doing it.
  • Derek Halpern post “Content is King Myth: Debunked” was shared for nearly 2,000 times because he took that proverbial controversial stand. The post stole the spotlight because academic research has proven a contrasting point. Controversies always attract attention particularly if it turns out to have a solid basis.
  • Nobody wants to waste time reading a 500-word blog not unless content is very exciting. To ensure that the blog gains mass appeal, consider using infographics for content-hungry audience. Infographics can be the secret sauce to make your blog post turn viral.

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